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Car Clips: How to use them

If your vehicle does NOT have a luggage rack.  Buy car clips.

car top carrier car clips to attache carrier with no luggage rack

Car clips, 1 inch wide, rubber coated steel, in the shape of the letter "J" that you attach to the Pack-Right strapping system.  The "J" is about the size of the end of your finger.   They are not quite the substitute of a luggage rack, but they work fine - IF you read the directions below. They come in a set of 4.

1.  You are responsible for finding a sturdy ledge inside the car door opening, along the roof line. You can use the rain gutter if you feel they will hold the clips securely.  When attached properly, the strapping system pulls the car top carrier down against the roof of the car and pulls the car clips UP, which holds them onto the ledge.  You shut your car door over the clips and strapping system.  There will be two clips on each side of the car, they need to be 20" apart.

car top weather strip

look for place for car clips

1.  Look for a ledge. 2.  Sometimes it's under the molding.

how to attach a car top carrier with j hooks

flat hooks attaching a car top cargo carrier

3.  Place car clip and strap in place. 4.  Shut car door over clip & strap.

We know they work on most cars, we also know they will not work on some cars.  You must decide and test if they will work for you.  Sometimes you will see a metal edge, sometimes the metal edge is holding the rubber door sealer or molding in place.

Sorry, we don't keep a list of vehicles that can or can not use the car clips.  Reading this page and looking at your car is the only way to determine if they will work.

If you have a van with a sliding door, make sure the car clip and strap do not interfere with the door in any way.

2.  We know the clips won't bend or break and the Pack-Right strapping system they attach to will hold up under normal highway driving conditions.  They are safe if used properly.

3.  The Pack-Right "StrapRight" straps go through the slot in the car clips as if it was going around the rail of a luggage rack.  You may have to unthread hardware that comes on the strapping system, thread the car clip on, then thread the male end back on.  It's easy to do.

4.  Make sure your roof and car top carrier are clean.

5.  The roof of your car is not like the top of a SUV with luggage rack reinforcement.  I suggest a bottom pad inside the bottom of cargo bag to protect your car roof, not from the bag itself, but from what you put inside.

6.  Keep the load light, sleeping bags, blankets, soft duffle bags, etc.  Make the sure the rooftop cargo carrier is packed and filled out properly so there is no slop to flop in the wind.

7.  Test drive it in your neighborhood first.  Get out and check the straps.  Drive a little on the freeway, exit and check again.  Take extra time the first time you use it.   It gets easier once you are set up and experienced.

WARNING:  The attachment of this product is critical and beyond the control of Lakeland Enterprises LLC, owners, agents, and dealers.  Lakeland Enterprises LLC, owners, agents, and dealers are NOT responsible for the attachment nor the installation.  

Click here direct to car clip strap set order page!

If you want to order a car top carrier and extra accessories not offered on this site, visit www.LakelandGear.com.

very fat car top carrier pig "I eat too much"

Don't overfeed Piggy Pack and cave in the roof of your car!

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