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Car top carrier rental.

 Classic, Sport 1 & 3, RZ100  

We realize many people wish to rent a car top carrier, CTC, for a one-way trip or for a single special vacation. Lakeland Enterprise will rent car top carriers for these occasions. The  car top carrier rental agreement is as follows:

1. Rental fee. RZ100, Pack-Right Classic and Sport, and car clips (if you don't have a luggage rack) is $5.95 per day.  Liner and or bottom pad $1 day.  (7 day minimum charge). We do not rent locks, although you may purchase and keep them if you want.

2.  Charges start four days after invoice date to allow for some shipping time back and forth.  The rental period ends, the day the car top carrier is received back at our facility. 

3. The rental will be handled as follows: Order a Pack-Right carrier, (add the car clips if you don't have a luggage rack) on our shopping cart checkout order form.  Select the items you want in the shopping cart and type  "rental and the due date" to your house in the comments field.  Your credit card will be charged as if it were a purchase;  your charge statement will read "Lakeland Enterprises".

4. We will ship you a return label.  Once you return the car top carrier bag and accessories, dry, folded, in good condition, we will issue a credit to your credit card for the amount you paid, less the rental, and shipping charges. (SC must pay tax).

5.  If you order a lock, or extra set of straps, keep it we don't take those back.  If you don't have a luggage rack on your vehicle, you must order the car clips. 

If you rent Sport over 13 days, Classic 21 days, or RZ100 over 16 days, PLEASE JUST KEEP IT.  There will be no credit due because your rental fee is over the purchase price.

Other terms and conditions. Read carefully: You will be shipped a new or previously rented Pack-Right car top carrier in top quality condition. Lakeland Enterprises will not be liable for your use of or the contents you put in our car top carrier. You are responsible to read the directions and refer to our web site ( for complete packing and loading instructions. We can not be responsible for any shipping delays. There are no Saturday or Sunday deliveries. Warranty on purchased rental bags is limited to 90 days, repair only.

CTCs  must be returned clean & dry inside and out, and folded. Missing car clips, buckle etc. $3 charge per item. Dirty, or wet cargo bag,  missing strapping system...$25 charge. If Pack-Right rooftop bag is ripped, misused, or damaged, no credit may be issued at all.

Use any clean, sturdy cardboard box (box filler is not required, do not use "peanuts") to return Piggy-Pack. Use the address form on the rental sheet we send you and tape it to the box. For your security, you may choose to insure and/or track the package, BUT PLEASE check the box 'no signature required.' Your rental fees might increase if the package is held up for signature.

How to rent a car top carrier? You agree to all the terms on this page ...Visit our sister web site, here is the car top carrier rental agreement page..  Please allow one extra day in case shipping fudges and so you can practice loading it.


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